Saturday, November 26, 2005

Post Thanksgiving

Andre Rieu
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Well, it's Saturday afternoon, dark and cold,and I said goodbye to the last of my weekend guests an hour or so ago. The Thanksgiving meal was terrific, the company lovely, the brandy pecan pie pan is still soaking in the sink because I have never known how to make a pecan pie that didn't get gooey ooze all over everything, and the turkey soup is bubbing away on the stove.

We had a great day and then Friday we went to Plymouth to see the fake Mayflower and the Rock, and we bought souvenirs and then went into the city to have a classic New England chowdah dinner at Durgin Park.


Blogger fausto said...

Fausto, in his official congregational office as one of his church's Trustees of Parish Funds, salutes you for patronizing Durgin Park. Did you know that the owners belong to Fausto's church?

As they say, "what goes around comes around", and "keep it in the family". Or as Waldo so mysteriously put it,

If the red slayer thinks he slays,
Or if the slain thinks he is slain,
They know not well the subtle ways
I keep, and pass, and turn again.

Blogger PeaceBang said...

Did you know that they have the best fries EVER? Also the moistest cornbread?

Blogger Paul Wilczynski said...

And the most delectable, mouth-watering pot roast. You can cut it with a fork.


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