Friday, July 22, 2005

Like Buttah

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I just had one of those perfect New England summer nights where it's broiling hot all day and then some delightful new friends call and ask if you want to go to a gallery show of a great local artist (who also happens to be a member of your congregation who you love a whole lot) and you drive down to very charming Plymouth (yes, the one with the Rock) and the art show is in the oldest house in town-- tres charmant -- and then you go have a lobster dinner by the water and laugh and talk and get home all happy like a little kid.

It was so lovely that I had to tell you in one big, huge run-on sentence.

Also I found out that a very dear friend who is currently in CHILE is going to be coming up to Montreal when I am there so I have a perfect excuse to extend my stay for another four to five days.

It's not like she doesn't live 25 minutes from me in real life, but with both our schedules, it's a treat if we get to meet at Barnes & Noble for a coffee and to talk about our upcoming sermons. We've been saying all winter how much we just want to sit around and have margaritas and GAB.

The time has come. I also can't wait to frolick with other Canadian friends, two of whom have appeared on this blog.
I feel like the luckiest li'l PeaceBang that ever was.

Thankya, Jesus.
Thankya, Yemaya, Ocean Goddess.
And all other deities, ancestor spirits, and the guy in the head Karma Office.

I wish you a beautimous weekend. Wear your sunblock, now.


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