Friday, February 11, 2005

Headlines We Never Thought We'd See in 1983

"Corey Feldman subpoenaed in Jackson case
Actor says the singer never touched him inappropriately"

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This is totally shattering my memory of happy teenaged nights dancing our hearts out to "Thriller." Corey Feldman!!?? Lord have mercy.

By the way, back then ...
we didn't have cell phones,
we wrote our term papers on typewriters,
no one had a computer in the house,
we had a brand-new state-of-the-art VCR machine that weighed about 40 lbs. and which did not have a remote control (nor did the television set), you actually got up and changed the channel,
we stopped in the middle of dinner to listen when the phone rang and our brand-new answering machine picked up the call (you could hear the caller stammering with confusion: "I don't know what to say on these things!" -- and we'd giggle)
we wrote letters on paper -- and mailed them -- when we wanted to send a message.
we had to actually go to the bank during business hours to get cash,
we were just starting to hear about this weird gay sex disease called AIDS,
we thought it was really high-tech to send our film away to be developed instead of going to the Fotomat,
we were amazed by this cool new thing, the Sony Walkman, which allowed us to listen to our cassette tapes while doing Jane Fonda work-outs ("feel the burn!"),
we wore knickers with metallic Peter Pan boots (thank God the knickers haven't come back),
our movie theatre in town showed one movie at a time...

and Michael Jackson was still Black.


Anonymous Philocrites said...

Except that we did have a computer in my house: An Apple IIe, which replaced a Commodore Pet, and which I was using at the time to write my JRR Tolkien knock-off. Oh, the memories!

Blogger fausto said...

I had a "portable" Osborne 1, about the size and weight of a sewing machine, with a built-in 4" monitor and a whopping 64k of memory, supplemented by VisiCalc and WordStar on 5" floppies for breezing through my grad school assignments, hooked up to a klackety-klack daisy wheel printer.

Blogger PeaceBang said...

You guys were highly technologically advanced! We had a Texas Instruments chunk of plastic at home that just looked ugly in the den and which I could never figure out. When I went off to college in 1984, no one had their own computer except that rich kid Alex in my sophomore year dorm. We carried around floppy disks to use in the computer lab. I stuck to my trusty typewriter until I graduated and someone taught me to use a Mac. My dear old Ex and I were reminiscing the other night about how often we'd run out of typewriter ribbon in the middle of the night before a major paper deadline. "Why the hell didn't we buy five or six at a time?" I asked him. "Because we were TOO POOR!!" he said, and we guffawed.
He's an actor whose parents told him he was crazy to major in theatre. Nineteen years later I'm proud to say he's making his living as an actor/director/writer and bringing in plenty of bacon to feed his wife and new baby. Mad props to you, Minnesota Flash. Happy 19th anniversary of our first tumble (feb. 8th).

Anonymous Philocrites said...

I should add that my dad had the computer. When I ambled off to college in 1989, I took a Sears electric typewriter. I wrote most of my papers in student computing labs, though, since the typewriter wasn't exactly at the top of its class at storing data. I received my own computer — a Macintosh Performa — as a graduation present.


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