Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Peacebang In Savannah

I hope you will all read ChaliceChick's fascinating contribution to the understanding of the roots of the word "religious" in the previous post's comment section ("Spiritual But Not Religious"). I thank her and her linguist friend for it; it's always illuminating to have our erroneous beliefs smashed. I promise to put more brain power into understanding the details and implications of her explication later, but right now there are two golden retrievers who need to have tennis balls thrown to them. This is one of them:



Blogger Phil said...

You know, it was never an article of faith about the root of the word "religion." The American Heritage definition says "perhaps from religre." What's more important, I think, in this "Spiritual But Not Religious" thread is whether or not such a stance is harmful, or at least not as healthy--spiritually, psychologically, and physically--as being spiritual and part of a religious community. Fortunately, there is some evidence that it's better to either be spiritual and part of a community or not spiritual at all rather than being SBNR. "See Spirituality Without Practice: Can It Bring You Down?" at Spirituality & Health. (http://www.spiritualityhealth.com/newsh/items/article/item_3513.html)

Blogger PeaceBang said...

Thanks for posting, Philip, and for offering that link. It leads me to think with sorrow about those people who come to church at a time of loss and suffering because they know a religious community can be good for them and their healing/wholeness. But because they haven't done the discernment of finding the right community *before* their loss, they have the very hard job of integrating into a flawed, all-too-human institution during a time of extreme personal stress. I actually think that the process of committing to a religious community is in itself frightening, exhilirating and stressful -- so I feel that it's opportune to do so when one is on fairly level emotional ground, if at all possible.

My heart is hurting so much today about our mad and bloody presence in Iraq. No official post on it, just a comment made in great sorrow.

Blogger Chalicechick said...

If it helps, I don't get it either.

What my friend wrote or the War in Iraq.



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