Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Two More Flicks

We had a monster storm the other night and my modem went bye-bye, so I've had two days of internet deprivation.

I finally saw "The Story of the Weeping Camel," a beautiful little film from Mongolia. It's slow-going, but if the sight of a half-born camel colt's hooves hanging out of his agonized mama's hindquarters doesn't grab you, definitely get back to "Desperate Housewives."
Me, I was stuffing chili-powder sprinkled popcorn into my face and going, "GAW, how did they film this? Oh my Gaw."

The children in the film are definitely the gold medalists in the Adorable Children Olympics, especially the little boy. If you don't want to eat him up with a spoon there's nothing I can do for you. He's just the most wholesome, punkin-faced, beautiful, free little Mongolian shepherd boy ever. And the fact that he's just dying for a television set is both incredibly adorable and sad. At the end of the film there's a ginormous satellite dish outside the yert and you think, "well, the fat's in the fire now."

Even the tiny baby who does nothing but cry is precious. With the big stickin'-up pigtails. I mean.

P.S. I don't know why Mongolian shepherd wear hasn't set the fashion world on fire, because it looks both comfortable and chic. The colors are fabulous and the cuts are flattering on every kind of figure. Even the wizened grandmamas and grandpapas look glamorous. Ditto for the yert. I don't know who did their interior design but if that's desert living, you can sign me right up.

Okay, but the DVD is hugely disappointing because after having seen this beautiful story you just have a bajillion questions, like how did they film this? And was that camel eligible for an Oscar? And how did they get it to cry? And were any camels harmed in the filming of this movie? And is there some scientific explanation for why the camel responded to the violin playing, and what do you call that instrument anyway? Because that waren't no violin.
And did they set out to make a film about a camel who had such a traumatic birth experience that she would reject her cute little white fluffy baby, or did they just go to the Gobi desert to make a picture about the shepherds and then this amazing thing just happened ?
They for sure weren't faking that birth. If you tell me that camel's birth was CGI I will take to my bed and refuse to quit it for anyone or anything.

Their official website is just as frustrating, but it has some cute pictures:


So yesterday a friend and I went to see a totally vile, disgusting, pornographic picture called "The Aristocrats," which is about a classic old joke that is so dirty, comedians only tell it to each other. It was a fun peep into the really sordid underbelly of comedy's shadow culture. And not to get too highbrow or anything, but for anyone who has read the works of the Marquis de Sade, you would have no choice but to conclude that it is definitely the comedy world that's keeping the ole French perv's philosophy alive and kicking.


I don't think it was surprising that two of the loudest snorting-laughers in the whole crowded theatre just happened to be ordained clergy.


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Story of the Weeping Camel= it's pretty slow, but a beautiful story nonetheless.


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